About us

Our AUA Holdings Group company is headquartered in Los Angeles, USA. We hold international trademark rights, and based on this, we are promoting licensing business.

Licensing business is a business that permits various domestic and foreign companies to use our company's trademark to launch products or services.

Through this, our company can increase the value of the trademark and generate profits through cooperation with various domestic and foreign companies. In addition, the licensing business will play a major role in promoting listing on Nasdaq by increasing the brand value of the trademark.

highly valuable intellectual property

International Trademark Rights



Our company is currently signing license agreements with a number of domestic and foreign companies, through which we plan to increase the value of our trademark and generate revenue.

In addition, because it has international trademark rights, it can protect trademark rights at home and abroad and provide stable licensing business to companies. Based on this, we will promote NASDAQ listing and secure the foundation for further growth.



Generate revenue by activating the license business

Utilizing international trademark rights to provide trademark protection and licensing business at home and abroad

We strive to achieve greater growth by promoting NASDAQ listing.



Possessing international trademark rights to provide stable license business at home and abroad

Possible to sign license agreements with a number of domestic and foreign companies and generate various profits

Potential for further growth by promoting NASDAQ listing

Promote partnerships and mergers and acquisitions with excellent domestic and foreign small and medium-sized enterprises and start-ups.